Pip with Orchids



Painting Brushes

I sat down to paint and was just getting into it when the Yorkie wanted to sit behind me.  It took some arranging to pack a folding chair with pillows and blankets so he wouldn’t fall through, but finally we got settled (semi-comfortably).  I finished my painting all too quickly and realized I had either to disturb the Yorkie (not really an option) or find something to paint right where I was sitting.  Hence the paint brushes.  Here are my three Princetons and the 1″ Escoda flat.


I like to greyscale my paintings to see if I have the values right.  Looks good.  I find the most difficult thing about painting brushes is the symmetry of the handle.  It is really difficult to get the swelling and tapering the same on each side!


Share the Room!

Judy got some new “girls”.  And a guy, too!  She has ten hat models now, which had better be it if Pip has a say!  He never was good at sharing.  Little guys have to look out for themselves.

imageJudy’s nieces and nephew were here when she found this crew.  They washed and combed all this hair for hours to get it looking soft and shiny.  We got some strange looks in the cafe where we started the process 😉