Snow Caps

I was taken by this image on the day of our first snow here in Northern Alberta: the bright colours of summer flowers each given a tall hat of snow, or a snow cap!  The vivid colours of one season contrasting with the fresh softness of the next called out to be made into a painting. I know this is candy coloured, and it even sparkles thanks to Daniel Smith’s Amethyst, but I like the happy greeting for winter:)




First Snow

FullSizeRender (5)

The first snow is always the nicest because it’s still a novelty!  Here are some poor flowers not enjoying it, despite their new hats.

September 12th, in the Peace Country, Alberta.  They say it will be a cold winter… brr.  This, apparently, is what is called Summer Snow.  That seems colder than Winter Snow.

Cattail Dance

Cattail Dance

Whew!  We’ve had such a busy spring I can’t remember which paintings I’ve posted.  I don’t think I would have posted Cattail Dance.  It was a demo from our negative painting course in Fairview this April.  See how the dark snow behind the frost on the cattails makes the brights stand out?