Paint out at Bird’s Pond

Carolyn and Judy took advantage of a sunshiny day in September to paint outdoors at Bird’s Pond.  We expected the geese to be clamoring in the water, mustering the troops for the great migration south.  Instead, there was no wildlife to be seen.  All was quiet and still.  Then, from the far shore, we spotted these swans with their cygnets.  They came much closer after we had started our paintings with just one swan each.

DSCF5848birdsBird'sbutter and eggs


Travel Critters

We saw a few wild things on our journey to Southern B.C. through the Rockies and Kootenays.  Here are some of the critters sharing our wild lands.  The chipmunk was very wary of the kayak and the camera, but shelter was readily available should the need arise.  The young black bear had no idea we were across the river and up the hill.  The day was hot – too hot to play much, so after tossing a stick and running a bit, this guy went back to the cool shade of the forest.

Grizzly Trio

If your subject comes close enough, the smoke doesn’t matter so much.  We were certainly close to this mama grizzly and her cubs in Jasper, Alberta.  Boxed in by other vehicles, we could go anywhere even when one of the cubs wandered right in front of us.  Mama wasn’t worried.  She turned her rump and made it clear that the cub was on his own if he wanted to be silly.  He soon ran back to the good grass his sibling was enjoying.

Wildlife on Figure Eight Lake

We thought maybe such a well-used lake as Figure Eight might not have much visible wildlife, but long evenings, clear water, and no motors are an attraction to all quiet species.  Here is a pelican, a loon and a beaver, minding their own business.



Mackenzie Swallows

DSCF3218DSCF3236 At Morfee Lake in Mackenzie, Northern B.C., the swallows were fascinating.  They were very busy, skimming low over the lake and returning to chatter in the dead tree on a point of land extending far into the lake.  They are very attractive blue and green birds.  Two babies huddled together, desperate for a nap and bothered by the melee of adult family members.