Birds in Boots

We haven’t identified these unusual strangers who seemed to blow in with the blizzard this Easter Weekend.  Anyone out there in the know?

They look like they are wearing black snow boots.  They should be!  Unfortunately they also have spring fever and find themselves tails up in the snow after flying too fast.DSCF0061.jpg

Update: They are dark-eyed juncos!


Abstract Moose

Here’s a drive by moose sighting.  There were three in total, but this was the nearest to the road and the one who didn’t run away when the cameras came out.  She just stood behind trees and pretended to be invisible.dscf9642

A shot through a car window (because of a nutsy Yorkie) and exhaust doesn’t usually make for a great picture, but I like the impressionistic feel in this one.  You might just be able to make out the moose in the middle, head up and running into the woods. dscf9639