We had a fast and furious hail storm last night. Supper got a little burnt as we all went to look at the weather. It was sudden, noisy and dark but even before the ice fall stopped the sun was out and a rainbow was shining across the sky. I don’t have a picture of the rainbow yet because I took a “real” picture of it.


January Thaw

This was July 29th in the Peace Country.  Usually we do see a January thaw but this was two chinooks in a row during a dry winter, leaving us with barely any snow and a lot of mud, puddles and mud puddles.  The next day there was a blizzard.  All is well again.


This is the roof of an old barn once all the shingles have blown off.  So many nails!

Christmas Mirage

This morning the snow is falling gently and the frost is thick and white.  It’s cold again after a warm afternoon on Monday when we watched this mirage build.  Waves of warm air shimmering on the horizon distort and reflect the view.  Trees flip upside down and stretch upwards until they look like the Cliffs of Insanity.  Grain elevators become skyscrapers and the hills swell like bread dough.




On the Way to a Show

Carolyn and Judy went to Fairview to hang a great art show

The scene was green and very fine

(This was before the snow)


Shots taken through the windshield, but no time to spare!


Dunvegan bridge, with roiling sky.


You can still see the ice and snow on the shady side of the river.


Coming home, after some snow and before some more!


Looking darker…


Something in the making.


Snow Patterns

Strong, cold winds make interesting patterns in the thsnow on open fields, but not often such angular ones!  These remind me of bismuth, that pretty element on the right, only rainbows in the snow are a little different.  These snow patterns were near a chain-link fence.  Any connection?  My guess is they are just a freak of the winter winds.  Actually, maybe they look most like a view of the Canadian Prairies in winter from an airplane!   DSCF5276 DSCF5271 DSCF5272 DSCF5273