Last week at the Lodge we gave the ladies a couple of pictures of the Peace River along with a couple of painted examples.  Then they took off on their own, each painting an interpretation of what they saw.  Several couldn’t stand to paint winter and added lots of warm summery green.  That’s the joy of being a painter!


Cat Critic


OK, maybe we are using pet dishes as water dishes, but really, did the cat think it was a fair trade to curl up on my painting?  Apparently he did.  So there.  He did like the other painting (it had horses in it), or at least he didn’t feel obliged to cover it.

Challenging Perspective

Wow, herein lies a challenge!  The sunshine and shadows where these two fences, one quite plain and one more ornate, meet were eye-catching.  However, it wasn’t until the sketch was underway that the true intricacies of the subject became apparent.  Perspective is intriguing by itself, but shadows don’t have to play by the rules!

Is it the angle at which the photo of the sketch was taken that makes the metal fence lean in rather than out?  I’m not sure.  I didn’t notice until I looked at the image on the screen.  Our eyes and brains deceive us!

Carolyn’s Painted Gift

Carolyn painted a couple of gifts for people this Christmas, including this one for a hang gliding adventurer and photographer (her brother).  The painting is taken from a photograph by Robb Brown.  Carolyn adjusted it a little to show more of the Rocky Mountains, and the sky is a little rainier than the one in the photo.