Spring Crossing

This watercolour was based on a couple of old photos of my Grandfather coming to the Peace Country.  That’s him in the red coat.  I’m not sure why the wagon wasn’t loaded.  They wouldn’t have arrived in the spring during the thaw; perhaps this was an expedition rather than a challenge on the settlement trail.  The second photo was of the horses pulling up on the near side of the river.  So they made it and continued on with whatever their business was.


The painting was done using Moonglow, except for the red coat. I like the monochrome but I also like the way Krieghoff used bright red so sparingly and so eye-catchingly.


Kids’ Watercolours

Here is a small sample of the 200 or so paintings done by Fairview schoolchildren.  Grade 4 did the tropical wave, Grade 5 painted the house and garden, and Grade Six created the mountain scenes.  All of the paintings will be on display this May at the Fairview Fine Arts Centre, thanks to the Children’s Art Programs Committee.