Using Strong Lines and Contrast


The powerful colour, contrast and lines in this painting make it quite a striking snow study.  Hooray for those who tried using these elements in their paintings on our Weekend Watercolour course.


Spring at the Lodge

Judy led the Pleasant View Painters through this lovely spring painting.  They started a month ago, before kids’ classes took over Tuesday mornings.  At the time it was actually hot outside!  They finished on a snowy day, but there were indeed some green leaves and definitely liquid lakes.


Miniature Trees


The Lodge Ladies inspired this one.  When they did their background forests with a dry brush, the white of the paper looked like hoar frost spilling from the boughs in a puff of warm air.  Mine didn’t quite achieve that look, but it did make the sunshine look nice and strong. Maybe all the frost already melted.

Miniature Valley

fullsizerender (29)

We’ve had quite a bit of fog this winter, which turns the valley into a soft, out of focus vista.  Spirit River is on the north side of a hill so we look out over about 30 kms of farmland rising gently to other hills on the horizon.  Somewhere near the middle of what we can see is the Peace River, and, although it is tucked into its own impressive valley, we see the fog rising from it and travelling up our hill to envelop the town.  This miniature is an impression of a morning when the promising pink sunrise was quickly shrouded in mysterious fog.