Deep Purple

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Carolyn seems to be going through a dark streak.  Here’s a murky forest scene.  Not sure whether it is likable or not…  what do you think?


Woodland Shimmer

Woodland Shimmer.jpg

This is a tricky one to photograph.  The centre of the painting (by Carolyn) is bathed in one of Daniel Smith’s mica-based luminescent colours, Duochrome Oceanic.  The sparkle is difficult to catch because it changes according to the angle it is seen from.  The idea was to give the scene an enchanted feel… and also to experiment with the sheen and sparkle!

This method involved an undercoat of greens to get the basic values and colours.  The deer, rocks and foreground trees were partially masked to stay white, since the Oceanic is a powerful turquoise colour.

Then a pour of shimmering, living sparkle paint!

Once that dried, darks were put back in over the shimmer.  It was difficult to get strong values on top of the glitter – it seems to push back and overrule the other paint.

The bushes in front were meant to be outside the magical border of the mystic woodlands, so they are not to sparkle.  Their clear colours do stand out from the tinted background, especially as they do not shimmer.

Miniature Trees


The Lodge Ladies inspired this one.  When they did their background forests with a dry brush, the white of the paper looked like hoar frost spilling from the boughs in a puff of warm air.  Mine didn’t quite achieve that look, but it did make the sunshine look nice and strong. Maybe all the frost already melted.