Shining Bright

More cards from the Pleasant View Painters!  They really caught the idea of strong contrasts in the moonlight.



Long Tall Trees

Judy took a trip to Southern Ontario in October, just in time to catch the splendid display of fall colours.  Inspired for a painting, she did change the oak trees to more local poplars, but the result is all about the glorious colours.  This painting is very large and very long, and it would warm up any room in any season with a glint of fall.

Long Tall Trees.jpg

Fall Campsite

Fall is arguably the prettiest season.  Maybe that’s because it changes so fast and its beauty is at the whim of the weather.  Judy captured a moment of summer sun and autumn shadows at a campsite in B.C.  The harbinger colours are emerging in the undergrowth and creating a magical spray of adornment for the weathered old poplars and birch.

fall Campsite.JPG

Hard Luck Canyon

20 kilometres south of Whitecourt, Alberta is a hidden gem for picnickers, walkers, and those who like to play in creeks.  Hardluck Canyon is an unexpected beauty spot just a short walk from the parking lot.DSCF0372.jpg

The view from the top is beautiful (in the picture you can’t see the waterfall you cross over).  The tree and cliffs are too big to fit in the camera’s view but the framing of the scene is perfect.  Steep stairs will take you down to the creek for a splash in the swimming hole and a better view of the waterfall.  There is also some interesting art carved into the soft rock:


Not that I recommend scratching up a beautiful natural area, but is nice to see that some people received inspiration enough to move beyond “I wuz here”, “T + L” or other short words requiring limited effort and spelling ability.