Peace Span II

Peace Span II

The Dunvegan Bridge is probably our most famous local attraction in the Peace Country of Northern Alberta, Canada, so Carolyn painted another version of her original watercolour Peace Span.  The Northern Lights are kinda attractive too 😉

There are not a lot of ways to cross the mighty Peace River, and this bridge at Dunvegan Historic Site is certainly one of the most scenic.  During the day the valley is beautiful in every season, and at night it is lit up and sparkling across the water so travellers catch glimpses of it as they wind down the hills.


A Commission with a Spin

Peace Span.jpg

Carolyn had the pleasure of being commissioned to paint a watercolour of this familiar local scene (the Dunvegan Bridge over the Peace River) to be presented to a famous Canadian.  The new owners brought great joy and excitement to our Peace Country, and hopefully some of that feeling went back with them in this painting.

Thinking up a Subject

Sometimes, especially with a show coming up, it is difficult to think what to paint!  What do people want to see?  What makes them stop and look?  Well, I still don’t know but I liked JK’s suggestion for me: Dunvegan Bridge at night with northern lights.  An inspiring subject doesn’t take long to complete 😃


On the Way to a Show

Carolyn and Judy went to Fairview to hang a great art show

The scene was green and very fine

(This was before the snow)


Shots taken through the windshield, but no time to spare!


Dunvegan bridge, with roiling sky.


You can still see the ice and snow on the shady side of the river.


Coming home, after some snow and before some more!


Looking darker…


Something in the making.