Happy Sunday



Birds in Boots

We haven’t identified these unusual strangers who seemed to blow in with the blizzard this Easter Weekend.  Anyone out there in the know?

They look like they are wearing black snow boots.  They should be!  Unfortunately they also have spring fever and find themselves tails up in the snow after flying too fast.DSCF0061.jpg

Update: They are dark-eyed juncos!

Negative Imagery

Here’s my experiment in negative painting…  not what is usually called negative painting, where a darker colour is painted around a lighter one to bring it out (although there is some of that as well), but using colours negative to what they would realistically be.  Below is the originally painting.  Above on the left is the negative image I painted from the original.  On the right is the negative painting shown in negative colours.  The double negative shows how close I got to matching the hues.