Something New

I bought a square of printed burlap (hessian?)  because it seemed to me like something other people might like.  It wasn’t the nicest material to work with, especially since I had to use a paper underlayer because the holes are so see-through.  However, now that it’s finished, I do like the look of this!  The strap is a wonderfully simple device that I’ll definitely use again.



Pages from a Sketchbook

I used to be very diligent in keeping a sketchbook, especially in the summer.  However, there is so much life outside a sketchbook!  My current best used book has been in use since 2001.  It might be about one quarter filled… But if I ever lost it I’d be sorry, so here are some of my digitized doodles.


DSCF2067 DSCF2068This is Jackie Chan, the donkey who bit me.  I know my thumb might look a little like a carrot though.