Last Lodge Cards of the Year


Merry Christmas everyone!


Painting Cards by the Dozen

The Pleasant View Painters have been at it again: painting beautiful cards to send to grandchildren and other special people.  They always amaze us with their ability to follow our instructions – even when the ideas seem pretty wild – and to come up with beautiful work each week.  They smile and laugh and we enjoy the hours very much.

Painting Christmas Cards


When the boxes of Christmas decorations pile up so high at the Lodge we can’t see our paintings bulletin board, it is time to start painting Christmas cards!  If the ladies want to send them, they must be painted.  These are all Carolyn’s demos because the Lodge painters took theirs home.

Just outside the windows where we paint at the lodge there is a mountain ash tree.  In the fall and early winter it is covered in bright red berries (and sometimes gobs of snow).  Then two weeks ago a hoard of waxwings came and took all the berries.  Gone are the bright berries… except for the ones captured forever in our paintings, ha ha!