Valentine’s Day at the Lodge



Almost Ready for the Mini Show


Judy has taken a very orderly approach to painting for a miniature show.  Almost finished, just one more painting of roses to complete… And the deadline is ages away!

The Rose Window

The Rose Window.JPG

I’ve been asked whether my style has changed now that I’ve been to Scotland.  I had to answer that my experience was very wet: every scene was softened by mist or rain and that means that when I paint images from my trip I often use lots of water and blend the colours and shapes into one another.  I suppose you could say that my style changed, but only according to what I was trying to capture.

However, it’s a trick of the rain to make shapes sharp and clear so long as they are close to your eye.  In The Rose Window, shapes are again sharp and clear.  This was something I saw in Scotland, and it was raining, but I was in a bus parked very near to a hotel. This beautiful window, carved from local stone and adorned by the climbing roses, was about all I could see.  Maybe that’s why this painting is more like my usual style.  Could it also be less watery because I was warm and dry in the bus?  

Thank You Cake

We wanted to send a thank you to the staff at our hospital who took such excellent care of Grandma and of the family.  One of the many talents Grandma passed down is her cake decorating skill, so we decided a big thank you cake was a good idea.  Judy and I made the flowers while J.K. dedicatedly scrubbed dishes and prepared icing bags, also putting centres in all the daisies.  Then Judy baked the cake and made all the final arrangements on top.

We thank the entire staff very much.

Small Jay and A Rose is a Rose

Dawson Creek Art Gallery is hosting their annual fundraiser featuring local artists.  This year is a little different and a lot more mysterious…

Behind the Words – a Mystery Art Lottery is an evening of suspense and intrigue.  Read the lyrics on the black clad artwork, your only clue as to what lies beneath. Ticket holders make their choices as their tickets are drawn and reveal their selections!

Carolyn and Judy have entered their pieces, watercolour paintings on canvas.  Carolyn’s Small Jay and Judy’s A Rose is a Rose will be cloaked and hung with the other pieces.  Who will choose them?

The draw is Friday, November 4th from 7pm to 9pm at the Gallery. Food, wine and music are part of the fun as well.

Feature Wall

This is the centre wall at the gallery; also a feature wall because it is a handsome dark colour.  This is often the easiest section to hang.


Left to right is Splendour, Anemone, Moonglow, Beauty, and Spectacular. Looks like only paintings with one word titles make it to the feature wall 😉