Classy Roses

Here are our acrylic paintings, a mix of student work and demos.  Well done, everyone!

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La Belle

Copy of Rose

Carolyn’s fourth painting, La Belle, for the Peace Watercolour Society Fall Show and Sale came about because the reference photo of a rose was present while one for a waterfall was not.

First it got sketched in fair detail (roses are notoriously complex) and then it was sketched again on watercolour paper.  There were four rounds of masking and pouring, then a few more layers of colour to darken the background and some minor tweaking of the flowers.  It paid off to know that indigo is a greenish blue: the glow on the shaded leaves was almost as important as the bright area to produce a centre of interest.

The purple flowers are the back up singers: La Belle is the star!



The gift of a rose complimented by a wash of sunshine.  I wanted to make this a bright and sharp painting, right down to the deep shadows up the wall.  The composition was planned to be unusual to feature the balance of the solid rose and vase and the stretching lightness of the baby’s breath and shadows.  I’m quite pleased with this one because it was a challenge in many ways:  I had a definite vision; I’m not great with florals; I was changing composition; I was painting so many textures.  Also, I was on a deadline.  Of course.