A Commission with a Spin

Peace Span.jpg

Carolyn had the pleasure of being commissioned to paint a watercolour of this familiar local scene (the Dunvegan Bridge over the Peace River) to be presented to a famous Canadian.  The new owners brought great joy and excitement to our Peace Country, and hopefully some of that feeling went back with them in this painting.


Miniature River

fullsizerender (24)

JK and Carolyn took a walk through deep snow and tangled undergrowth to see how the river was looking this winter.  We came to a steep, sandy cliff far above the river bed and could look across quite a broad area of pure white snow and deep blue shadows.  The painting doesn’t show JK chucking logs off the cliff, checking to see if he’d be any good at caber tossing.

Painting Miniatures

The annual miniature show in Beaverlodge is coming up so miniatures are rolling out by the dozen!  Well, ok, not quite that fast, but here is one that may make it into the show.  Carolyn has eight appropriately sized frames so eight paintings will be chosen by February 20th or so.

fullsizerender (26)

This is a typical scene from down by the river, only the background trees would have been more blue than red.  It makes for a nice warm contrast with the green boughs and cool snow.

More Drama Mode


Ooh, do you expect wolves or dragons to frequent this place?  Elves, warriors or witches meeting on the bridge?

How about adding a dramatic angle to dramatic mode on the camera?  Oh no!  We were all just swept past our last chance at rescue!  We’ll be going over the waterfall for sure!DSCF3679

Plein Air Watercolour

Judy went on a holiday to the mountains of Northern British Columbia, a land clear water, thick forests and ever-changing skies.  She found a couple of opportunities to sit outside and paint for a while, coming up with some beautiful scenes that are already sent to the Dawson Creek Gallery’s Members Show.  Here’s Pine River: