Drawing Practice

I came across one of my earliest portraits. Aiee!  Good thing I drew the same man twice. It is a good reminder that practice really does do wonders.


Pencil Portrait

I really enjoy drawing portraits, it just doesn’t seem like there’s enough time for everything!  This is one I drew in December, for a Christmas gift, and I haven’t done another since.

Yes, that nose really has been broken.

Yes, that nose really has been broken.  I removed the ever-present ball cap 😉


A New Portrait

When I heard it was this lady’s 95th birthday, I took a big brave risk and presented her with her portrait.  As it happened, I gave it to her in front of a roomful of friends.  I’ve heard she really likes it 🙂

Pioneer Parade

One of the people who saw the portrait told me she would love to have me paint her.  It looked like so much fun!  Well, I don’t paint people live (since it takes me many weeks to tweak and adjust and fuss) but I did have a picture to work with.  I’ve given it a try, and I hope it looks like a lot of fun!  So far no one has seen it so I don’t know if she is recognizable.  One day, I’ll show the model what I’ve done, but for now I can still see some things that can be fixed.


What do you think?  I’d love to see some comments 🙂



The Spirit River Municipal Library Art Show and Sale is over for the 17th time.  We had a great day with lots of visitors for our 26 artists and 307 paintings.  And they were really amazing paintings!  Six of our lodge ladies collected 35 pieces and filled their space completely.

The library board did a great job with everything, again 🙂Pioneer Parade

I was surprised that two people correctly identified the lady in my portrait (the third one I’ve ever tried). I guess people remember beautiful faces.

A Portrait of a Palaeontologist

Does familiarity make creating a likeness easier or more difficult?  I sat down to draw the Reverend William Conybeare  because obviously I never met him, and I had a nice portrait on hand. It was drawn in pen, I think, but the artists’ name has been lost.   Also, I set a limit of one hour drawing time.   Later I changed that to one hour for the head and another for the clothes, but that’s ok because I make the rules.  I wanted it to be looser and sketchier than other portraits I’ve done (don’t be fooled into thinking I’ve done a lot of them!).

So, does it look, more than usual, like my subject?  Well, who can tell?  Having never seen the living subject, it is impossible to say whether the drawing is like or not. No one alive today ever met Conybeare, so no one can say!

There is some distortion in this iPad close up too. Oh dear, what a big head he’s gotten!

Carolyn's depiction of Reverend William Conybeare.

Carolyn’s depiction of Reverend William Conybeare.