Hard Luck Canyon

20 kilometres south of Whitecourt, Alberta is a hidden gem for picnickers, walkers, and those who like to play in creeks.  Hardluck Canyon is an unexpected beauty spot just a short walk from the parking lot.DSCF0372.jpg

The view from the top is beautiful (in the picture you can’t see the waterfall you cross over).  The tree and cliffs are too big to fit in the camera’s view but the framing of the scene is perfect.  Steep stairs will take you down to the creek for a splash in the swimming hole and a better view of the waterfall.  There is also some interesting art carved into the soft rock:


Not that I recommend scratching up a beautiful natural area, but is nice to see that some people received inspiration enough to move beyond “I wuz here”, “T + L” or other short words requiring limited effort and spelling ability.


Room Re-D0

I’ve redone my room and now the time has come to start hauling back some of the things that have lived there for a long time.  I have a lot of paintings, as you might expect, and even a few of mine that I’ve chosen to keep over the years.  Here are a couple that have been in their spot above the desk for a couple of decades.

The first is a window in an old house on the prairie.  The glass is thick and wavy, the window sill is broad, and the trees have grown up so close around the house that the room is cool and dark.  I was pleased with pulling off a tricky subject and achieving a real feel of the place.

The second is a petroglyph we saw on the West Coast (Bella Coola).  The bright moss growing in the grooves really enhanced the carvings.  I remember being displeased with this one until I darkened that bottom corner, making the rock curve toward the viewer.  Then I liked it very much and so I kept it.

It is good to keep some examples of your work from each year or stage of growth.  It’s nice to be able to see how far you’ve come; the memories stored in each painting are a sort of diary of the years of work an artist puts into their skill.