Drawing Practice

I came across one of my earliest portraits. Aiee!  Good thing I drew the same man twice. It is a good reminder that practice really does do wonders.


Sketching at the Museum

A local artist went out on a limb and put out an open invitation to paint, draw, or photograph together on weekends. The first destination was the Spirit River Museum. Four of us made it over and gathered in the shade of a pioneer log cabin to create some art.

I had a sketchbook and chose pencil because I wanted to draw some soft shadows. On the antique fire hydrants. Unusual 😄 But very challenging. Then I drew a window with all sorts of intriguing things on the sill. It felt good to sit and draw outside!


Opening Today

Fairview’s Artists at School Show is opening today at the Fairview Fine Art Centre.  Six weeks of serious painting, drawing, sculpting and fibre arts skills are on display from the Grades 4 to 6 classes.  As always, this is a great show!  These pictures are of only the drawings and paintings, because these are the ones we hung (5 hours).  More pictures from the actual show coming soon!


Pencil Portrait

I really enjoy drawing portraits, it just doesn’t seem like there’s enough time for everything!  This is one I drew in December, for a Christmas gift, and I haven’t done another since.

Yes, that nose really has been broken.

Yes, that nose really has been broken.  I removed the ever-present ball cap 😉