Peace Watercolour Society at the Palliative Care Gallery


The hospital in Spirit River has a great little gallery where local artists can show their work for three months and, in return, donate 25% of their sales to Palliative Care right here in the hospital.  Staff, patients and the general public enjoy the changing scenery.  As we take down each show, eager questions as to what will be up next are proudly met.  As we hang each show, passersby stop to take in the appeal of brand new art.

Judy is a long time member of the Palliative Care Committee and was the genius behind our hanging system.  She has been booking artists and hanging shows since the space was first set aside for a gallery.  Carolyn is good at helping to hang, label, and take down shows as well.

Until June, members of the Peace Watercolour Society, including Judy and Carolyn, will have their work hanging in the hallway gallery.  We hope our pieces brighten the days of all who pass.


Peace Watercolour Society Fall Show

2019 PWSinvite.jpg

Beaverlodge Arts and Cultural Centre is a beautiful place to have a show!  Our opening Sunday was very enjoyable.

Our six members and a couple of spouses turned up to help carry, unpack, arrange and hang the show on a nifty new hanging system consisting of movable wires and clips.  Right on time we left for our lunch meeting and came back to the warmth of the Beaverlodge Arts community.  The Pink Tea Room beckoned, along with a buffet of tasty snacks and confections, but a crowd of visitors was gathered for our official opening.

Congratulations to the members of Peace Watercolour Society: Mimi Zhang-Mackie, Toni Schuler, Angela Fehr, Marjorie Henn, Judith A. Brown and Carolyn Kosabeck.  It’s another beautiful show!

Paint Out at Kleskun Hills

Our chosen destination for the first paint out of the year was the Kleskun Hills, a geological anomaly just north of Grande Prairie, Alberta.  It is the site of the northernmost badlands in Alberta (maybe in Canada, I’ll check).  The flora, fauna and soil is very different from the expected. Besides the hills, the place features vistas of farmland, distant hills and even the Rockies, a forested campground and a museum full of pioneer buildings and equipment.  There was plenty to photograph and paint.

Here are some of the sights at Kleskun Hills:


One Last Christmas Card

Carolyn’s card for the PWS Christmas card swap on the weekend is the culmination of all those images painted before Christmas.  Though not quite the large scale painting I once had in mind, this is still a good effort considering how I exhausted the subject!  Oddly, one of the topics of conversation at the party was how some artists recommend painting a subject two, ten, 120 times!  Well, I quit (for now) at whatever number this is, pleased with the way it turned out.  Judy was pleased too: she drew my card.



PWS Christmas Party

The Peace Watercolour Society has been enjoying a Christmas get-together for decades.  It involves a yummy potluck supper, a good discussion of all things watercolour, and a card exchange.  That way, not only are we inspired to paint a card, we get an original watercolour from one of our peers!

This year Judy’s card was inspired by a local scene, the Spirit River itself.  The deep blues of the shadowy riverbed look peaceful and mysterious.  Whose tracks are those? What goes on down there where nobody goes?


Judy’s “Christmas Card”

Our Peace Watercolour Society Christmas party was purposefully late.  Christmas is just too busy for one more party!  Last Saturday we hosted the get-together/annual meeting.  There was a great variety of potluck food to try, and then we indulged in our traditional Christmas card exchange.  Each artist painted an original watercolour, put it in an envelope, and then we all drew a surprise painting to take home.  This is the painting Judy did: it didn’t have to have a Christmas theme so she painted a bright floral portrait.