Backyard Beauty

Backyard Beauty.jpg

Judy’s painting Backyard Beauty was painted after our second load of snow in October.  Now, mid-November, we have a few more feet of snow on the rooftops and the sky shows less chance of clearing.  The beauty is undeniable, however much one has to shovel.


Moonshine Frost

Moonshine Frost.jpg

We’ve had our first big snowfall here in the Peace Country.  It was a big pile of the white stuff and it was beautiful, even for those who shovelled, sanded, scooped, sculpted and shivered.  Certainly the artists take notice when the environment is suddenly changed in colour, shape and texture.  It puts us in the mood to paint.

There has been no hoarfrost yet, but there is some sparkling in Judy’s painting, Moonshine Frost.  The deep, moody blue of the sky indicates snow either coming or going.

Rail Fence Remnant

The remains of an old railway snow fence still exist just out of town, standing forlorn and picturesque on a winter morning.  It is the end of winter, the bright side and the hopeful part of the season.  The fence is frosty on the shady face but warm where it greets the sun.

Judy painted this delicate, simple scene that is so familiar to anyone who knows Spirit River.