Keeper of the Peace

Keeper of the Peace.jpg

Carolyn’s latest watercolour pour, Keeper of the Peace, is an image from a kayak trip down the Peace River this summer.  The colours weren’t quite so dreamy and soft – actually they were vibrant; hollering about the summer sunshine finally coming out – but there is a dreaminess to floating along in the narrow valley, watching the wildlife go about business so serenely.


Retirement Row

image2 (7).jpg

Carolyn’s reason for painting this local scene was to practice drawing that rooftop angle.  Something so simple can be rather difficult to master.  Then it became an experiment in colour, then underlying colour, then building depth… This was a painting that grew in ambition and changed in direction many times.

Peace Span

JK’s brilliant idea to paint the Dunvegan Bridge with northern lights has been a very popular one.  Carolyn has painted four versions of it so far.  This one includes more of the landscape upstream and places the bridge itself in the distance.Peace Span.jpg

Northern lights are always an exciting subject because of the volume of paint needed to get a nice smooth, dark sky contrasting with the brightness of the aurora.  It takes a lot of daring to muck with all that staining pigment and hope it goes where it is wanted.  The bridge was masked to be sure it would be clean and crisp once all the messy stuff was done.



Judy has done a couple of versions of this story time painting of a Nana and her grandchildren gathered for an afternoon read.  Sunshine creates a warm shimmer across the group.  Watercolour is wonderful for building a feeling of soft, airy light.