Dragon Guts

I haven’t made a book for a while so when I started one I made sure it was more difficult than usual.  It’s another Dragons book, but this one has the binding becoming part of the sculpturing around the eye on the cover.  It’s an undignified thing to do do a dragon, but I’m going to expose this one’s “guts” so you can see what’s going on.  It looks like something Dr. Frankenstein or Honore Fragonard might be working on.


Once the skin is on, of course, things start to look a lot more normal.


This one also glows in the dark.  I’m not sure whether this sort of binding process is going to be a favourite, but it was an interesting experiment.  It will go to an outdoor market in August, where I’ll have the opportunity to tell people all about it 😉


Cut Out Mini

There is probably a name for this kind of book but I’m not sure what it is.  This was a trial run, the first I’ve made, and I didn’t know exactly how it would go together until it was done (that’s the way I go about things!).  I learned that I need a new knife, one without the tip broken off, but I’ve got one and I think I’ll try this again.



Two little latches, both have to be undone and swivelled out of the way.


Then the book pops out like this, with three cut outs.


Each has two pages behind it with different papers. The rose gets the shiny red and the sparkly purple, depending on which way you look at the book.


The shell is purple one way…

And green the next.

And green the next.


So on…


And so forth.