Peace Watercolour Society at the Palliative Care Gallery


The hospital in Spirit River has a great little gallery where local artists can show their work for three months and, in return, donate 25% of their sales to Palliative Care right here in the hospital.  Staff, patients and the general public enjoy the changing scenery.  As we take down each show, eager questions as to what will be up next are proudly met.  As we hang each show, passersby stop to take in the appeal of brand new art.

Judy is a long time member of the Palliative Care Committee and was the genius behind our hanging system.  She has been booking artists and hanging shows since the space was first set aside for a gallery.  Carolyn is good at helping to hang, label, and take down shows as well.

Until June, members of the Peace Watercolour Society, including Judy and Carolyn, will have their work hanging in the hallway gallery.  We hope our pieces brighten the days of all who pass.


Palliative Care Gallery

Our hospital has a Palliative Care Gallery where local artists can show their work and brighten up the hospital.  It gives patients, whether they’re waiting in Emergency or living in Long Term Care, something to do for a little while.  Something nice to look at 🙂  Staff are always happy to see a new display too.

Each artist has their work up for about three months.  It takes 20 paintings or so to fill the space on both sides of a hallway, so duos or groups of artists might also show.  The artist is interviewed  for an article in the paper, with a picture of the artist and his or her work in the Palliative Care Gallery.  If a painting is sold, a commission goes to Palliative Care.

Judy is on the Palliative Care Committee, and more specifically on the Palliative Care Art Committee.  She rounds up artists, helps them hang their shows, interviews them and writes the article.  Carolyn shows up for the fun parts.

Today we took down Judy’s show, just in time for some of the paintings to go to Allure at the Centre for Creative Arts.  Another Spirit River artist has populated the space with acrylics of wilderness scenes, log cabin sunrises and birds.  No doubt they will be much admired in the next three months 🙂