Almost Finished

One winter morning an orange hue was cast over the whole view.  It was particularly striking in combination with the boxcars lined up just outside town. The colours and perspective held great promise for a painting. A few years later, here’s the result, almost finished.



Kids’ Watercolours

Here is a small sample of the 200 or so paintings done by Fairview schoolchildren.  Grade 4 did the tropical wave, Grade 5 painted the house and garden, and Grade Six created the mountain scenes.  All of the paintings will be on display this May at the Fairview Fine Arts Centre, thanks to the Children’s Art Programs Committee.

Grade Three Banners

Each year in Fairview, grade three students get to paint their own banner to decorate the lamp posts in town.  This year the theme was the history of the Peace River.  Here are some of the creations the kids came up with.  They are just finished.  The paint isn’t even dry.

The fur trade played a huge role in developing and settling the Peace Country.  Here you see a beaver.

The Dunvegan Bridge is a bright suspension bridge spanning the Peace River Valley.  It was built in 1960, which seems like ancient history to a third grader.

The Dunne-za were the first people to discover the wonders of the Peace Country.  The kids can identify with the tepees because they can visit modern reproductions at Dunvegan Provincial Historic Park.

Alcohol Ink Miniatures

Judy painted some alcohol ink glass miniatures for a show this month.  They measure about an inch by an inch and a half.  You have to pick them up and move them around in order to see the entire painting.  Moving them makes them come alive.  The paints are brilliant and clear, a perfect compliment to the transparent glass.  To finish them, Judy added a white felt backing.