First Show of the New Way

World events have put a damper on the usual circuit of art shows and sales events. On the other side, we’ve had lots of time to concentrate on art. Several of our shows were postponed, but we will be taking part in one in June and July.

The Centre for Creative Arts in Grande Prairie is hosting a themed show called In Bloom – all about flowers! It is a physical show in the gallery, which is reopening soon, but it is also, for the first time, available to view on YouTube. Details for that will follow once the show is open.

Judy and Carolyn each have three entries, so here is a preview just for you.

Peace River Sunset


One of Judy’s challenges for our local art group was to paint her photo of the Peace River from near Dunvegan Bridge.  The ice was just beginning to move and the grass to show after the snow melted away.  Carolyn took up the challenge: this is the result.

Bookmarks for the Mail


Carolyn was puddling with greens and ended up painting five book marks.  Why is it so much easier to paint when you aren’t doing anything specifically?  Anyway, these were sent across the country to some kids who have lots of time for reading these days.