Lodge Ladies Back to Work

IMG_1933 (1).jpg

A new season of watercolour painting has begun at the lodge.  Our ladies, lead by Judy,  started off with some snowy scenes in wintry blues.


Flying Low

Flying Low.jpg

One of the best parts of being an artist is having the ability to revisit a moment or a day or a place in your mind’s eye and bring it to life for yourself and others.  In Flying Low, Judy has captured the warmth of a season when the coolness of the water is inviting.  The freedom of the gull catching a glimpse of a fish mimics the idea of the artist catching the glint of sunshine on the wings and feet of the bird while, in this case, floating in a kayak.

The Bird Woman of George Square

JK and Carolyn were exploring Glasgow, walking in the neighbourhood of George Square.  Suddenly the innocuous pigeons scattered around on the ground and settled on statues formed a massive flock and began to swirl, zooming just over people’s heads and, as a unit, taking some action that seemed as if it might endanger this poor woman.  It was soon apparent that the woman was an old friend and her bag was loaded with seeds.  If you’ve ever seen Mary Poppins, you have seen a very similar phenomenon.  The Bird Lady must appear with enough frequency that the birds were on the lookout for her. After chucking some handfuls of seed, she chuckled at their zeal and trundled on.  To the next bird rendezvous?

The Bird Woman of George Square.jpg

Moonshine Beauty

Moonshine Beauty.jpg

Our local lake is Moonshine, a fairly small lake with lots of bird life, beaver, otters and all sorts of wildlife in the woods, including campers, fishers and boaters.  Often though, all one sees is the calm, quiet beauty of the lake.  An evening with a sunset sky reflecting in the water is always lovely.  Judy’s painting, Moonshine Beauty, captures one of these peaceful moments.

Hill Walkers

Here is another scene from Scotland.  JK and Carolyn ventured through three days of walking the West Highland Way.  It was very rainy before, during and after those three days.  The scenery was spectacular and lush, and also reflected in the puddles on the trail.  Somehow the moving clouds and unexpected beams of light brought the landscape to life as muted tones shone brightly and shadows enhanced them… just for a moment before the strong colours retired into fog once more.  Hill Walkers.jpg