Moonshine Beauty

Moonshine Beauty.jpg

Our local lake is Moonshine, a fairly small lake with lots of bird life, beaver, otters and all sorts of wildlife in the woods, including campers, fishers and boaters.  Often though, all one sees is the calm, quiet beauty of the lake.  An evening with a sunset sky reflecting in the water is always lovely.  Judy’s painting, Moonshine Beauty, captures one of these peaceful moments.


Moonshine Frost

Moonshine Frost.jpg

We’ve had our first big snowfall here in the Peace Country.  It was a big pile of the white stuff and it was beautiful, even for those who shovelled, sanded, scooped, sculpted and shivered.  Certainly the artists take notice when the environment is suddenly changed in colour, shape and texture.  It puts us in the mood to paint.

There has been no hoarfrost yet, but there is some sparkling in Judy’s painting, Moonshine Frost.  The deep, moody blue of the sky indicates snow either coming or going.

Scottish Hills

Scottish Hills.jpg

Scotland was wet.  It was misty and lush and, everywhere the eye could see, tapestried with muted colours that trailed over and into one another in ways that mesmerized.  The Highlands were like a soft, abstract painting, but an ancient building nestled into a mound of rocky grass grounded the scene into blurred realism.

At the Museum

Judy spent a peaceful afternoon with several other artists at the local museum, painting whatever struck her fancy.  This arrangement of hanging pots and bright flowers against the cool white paint and blue shadows of the Reed House was a fancy striker.  The strong, human-built lines contrast nicely with the free forms of the flowers.

At the Museum.JPG

Hard Luck Canyon

20 kilometres south of Whitecourt, Alberta is a hidden gem for picnickers, walkers, and those who like to play in creeks.  Hardluck Canyon is an unexpected beauty spot just a short walk from the parking lot.DSCF0372.jpg

The view from the top is beautiful (in the picture you can’t see the waterfall you cross over).  The tree and cliffs are too big to fit in the camera’s view but the framing of the scene is perfect.  Steep stairs will take you down to the creek for a splash in the swimming hole and a better view of the waterfall.  There is also some interesting art carved into the soft rock:


Not that I recommend scratching up a beautiful natural area, but is nice to see that some people received inspiration enough to move beyond “I wuz here”, “T + L” or other short words requiring limited effort and spelling ability.