Something New

I bought a square of printed burlap (hessian?)  because it seemed to me like something other people might like.  It wasn’t the nicest material to work with, especially since I had to use a paper underlayer because the holes are so see-through.  However, now that it’s finished, I do like the look of this!  The strap is a wonderfully simple device that I’ll definitely use again.



A Miniature Notebook

This is my fourth loom-bound miniature book.  I’m enamoured of the neatness the loom provides, and I don’t need three hands and six clamps to pull it off! It is also very pleasing to have the cords showing.  When the work is so neat, of course I want it to be seen.


I’m trying to be a little more decorative with some of the covers. Beads and feathers and bling are so popular these days, and just because I would choose a more subdued look doesn’t mean I can’t play with the things I want to sell.


The endpapers are hand made by me. I would love to explore marbling further, except that it’s messy and takes a lot of space. I’m not tending toward miniatures because I have a lot of room!


Someone might want to record some observations of nature in this book. If I had seen a bird of this colour feather, I’d write it down!