img_1015A pair of mini notebooks for best friends and horse lovers.  These are simple wraparound books with their binding showing on the outside.  I’ve given then cords instead of chains because someone requested a longer necklace.



More Books

I’m having to write posts all about me right now because Judy is going to have a string of posts about her felting very soon…

For now, here are a couple more notebooks finished recently. The orange one is ostrich skin, which was surprisingly nice to work with. It feels so nice I didn’t put any embellishments on. The black one is those leather pants with pearly heart brads and black ribbons. Both are loom bound and and 1/8 the size of a piece of paper. They still qualify as miniatures, but they are more useful as notebooks.

Third off the Loom

Here it is, loom-bound book number three!  It’s about 6.5 x 5 cm, bound in leather pants (seriously. But no, they weren’t mine), and finished off with a pretty belt that droops a bit (fashionably).  This one has a curved spine and tri-coloured head band, hand stitched with silk embroidery thread.  It’s blank.  It needs someone to complete it!

DSCF5338 DSCF5337 DSCF5336