Hard Luck Canyon

20 kilometres south of Whitecourt, Alberta is a hidden gem for picnickers, walkers, and those who like to play in creeks.  Hardluck Canyon is an unexpected beauty spot just a short walk from the parking lot.DSCF0372.jpg

The view from the top is beautiful (in the picture you can’t see the waterfall you cross over).  The tree and cliffs are too big to fit in the camera’s view but the framing of the scene is perfect.  Steep stairs will take you down to the creek for a splash in the swimming hole and a better view of the waterfall.  There is also some interesting art carved into the soft rock:


Not that I recommend scratching up a beautiful natural area, but is nice to see that some people received inspiration enough to move beyond “I wuz here”, “T + L” or other short words requiring limited effort and spelling ability.

Chicken Foot

We have an old art video, made in the 90s, that we’ve watched many times.  One of the most memorable pieces of advice in the lesson is to avoid making the “chicken foot”, meaning three-pronged shapes.  When painting trees and flowers, people are prone to creating tidy, symmetrical shapes like these that never happen in nature (see below), except in such cases as the fowl feet.   You just never see it.


Hands up, offender!

It might instead be better to caution against the repetitive nature of such shapes.  A pattern of these triple points would look very unusual.  A line of side by side chicken footprints does not a forest make.  Everyone knows a rose with chicken toes is awful to propose.

So beware, artist!  Be sparing with your chicken foot!