Demos for a Flowers Class


Judy and Carolyn led an outdoor class on flower painting.  Flowers of all kinds!  Here are some of the love demos as well as some practice doodles.  This is great for learning about wet in wet, lost and found edges, painting in layers, and being loose!  The less detail the better for a flower sketch.  We had a great time with all the ladies, sitting under the trees and painting away the afternoon.


Winter Whiteout

On days when snow is pouring down it silence of the world and the enormity of open territory are quite effective.  It is an artists’ paradise, well, at least for a photographer.  Even the hardiest of watercolourists can’t keep their washes from freezing on a day like this one.  Sometimes the camera can say it all anyway.  This barn exists in the open land near Spirit River, Alberta, and has withstood many storms like this one.