Miniature Gift

Copy of Carol).jpg

What can you put in the mail these days that is more than a card and yet doesn’t cost more in postage than in actual gift value?  Well, we watercolourists have a few ideas!

Here is a little birthday gift sent by Carolyn, depicting the birthday girl’s holiday destination.  Hopefully it brings back lovely memories of holiday freedom.


Miniature Sunset


Judy tackled the fiery skies and rosy atmosphere of a winter sunset over the Peace Country, Canada in this watercolour miniature.  Its tiny dimensions are full of wonderful light and colour, just as we see it here in Northern Canada.  Winter is very beautiful and ever changing here.

Miniature Kauai Ocean View


This is a lovely beach scene from Judy’s vacation – painted in Hawaii.  The characters are great: you can imagine them discussing how far they can throw the rocks, or maybe if there are any sea monsters in the water.  I think maybe the kid has his arms inside his shirt because it’s a little chilly, and he’s flapping the sleeves in the breeze, as kids do.  The people add an element of natural charm that makes this tiny painting especially interesting.