Fossils Finished

Carolyn has finished painting her fossils and rocks collection.  All of these were found in the rivers of the Peace Country, but they aren’t just lying around out there like this!  Sticks and stones, bones and shells: you might be able to identify ammonites, amber, bison teeth, crustaceans, ironstones, belemnites, gypsum, an arrowhead, scutes and petrified wood.


When the first Fossils of the Peace Country painting was shown, one of the critiques was that the shadows should be stronger.  Carolyn liked the effect of the solid rocks juxtaposed with pale translucent shadows that suggested the river water.  However, the darker shadows sharpen up the rocks in the second painting, where each fossil is spaced much further from the next than they were in the first painting.  So, what do you think?  Do you prefer more contrast or less?

Peace Country Collectionsold2013