Deerskin Note Books

It has been a while since there have been any miniature books posted here.  It has been a while since I’ve had a chance to make any!  These are from the fall, when there were no art classes and no roofs needing roofing.  Both are a bit bigger than what I usually make – these are miniatures rather than micro minis.  They’ll still fit in the palm of your hand, but only one at a time.

They are cut from the same hide, very soft and malleable deer hide.  They have the usual sewn binding and silk embroidery floss headbanding.  The magnetic clasps click together with a satisfying snap and there are many pages so it will last a while.

The first one has an original watercolour scene of St. Charles’ Mission down at Dunvegan and the second has a marker drawing of a fall tree.  DSCF0002 DSCF0006



DSCF9005  People are crazy about dragons, and who wouldn’t be drawn to a book that looks back at them?  The Dragons miniature book is a best seller and, for once, people are judging the books by their covers.  The inside content is the same in each, but every cover is a unique handcrafted creation.


Deerskin and an olive eye, bookmarked with bronze chain with a horn ball.


Ostrich skin (very dragonish) with a glowing green eye and a tear drop bookmark.


A mystical eye peers out from the red pigskin. This one has an Austrian crystal dangler.


Eel skin, recycled from a wallet. It’s far easier to do fine detailing on eel skin.


The blue ones are all lambskin taken from a bomber jacket – a fabulous find in a junk shop! This one has an iridescent eye and a pearl drop.


An old-style doll’s eye with the spokes. This one has lots of ribs on the spine.


This one has an eye made with watercolours and pens, like the pig skin one. It’s difficult to photograph it and show the depth and variation of colour… just like a gem.


Rhinestone studs 🙂


Soft black leather; so soft the sculpting underneath didn’t show well so I added some detailing on top. The eye is a Suncatcher craft eye.


Gold detailing helps the skin pattern (wrinkles!) show up better.