Dragon Skin


Judy found some great dragon skin leather and ordered it from a far off land for Carolyn’s Dragons book.  Here’s the first copy.


Something New

I bought a square of printed burlap (hessian?)  because it seemed to me like something other people might like.  It wasn’t the nicest material to work with, especially since I had to use a paper underlayer because the holes are so see-through.  However, now that it’s finished, I do like the look of this!  The strap is a wonderfully simple device that I’ll definitely use again.


Third off the Loom

Here it is, loom-bound book number three!  It’s about 6.5 x 5 cm, bound in leather pants (seriously. But no, they weren’t mine), and finished off with a pretty belt that droops a bit (fashionably).  This one has a curved spine and tri-coloured head band, hand stitched with silk embroidery thread.  It’s blank.  It needs someone to complete it!

DSCF5338 DSCF5337 DSCF5336

Dragon Guts

I haven’t made a book for a while so when I started one I made sure it was more difficult than usual.  It’s another Dragons book, but this one has the binding becoming part of the sculpturing around the eye on the cover.  It’s an undignified thing to do do a dragon, but I’m going to expose this one’s “guts” so you can see what’s going on.  It looks like something Dr. Frankenstein or Honore Fragonard might be working on.


Once the skin is on, of course, things start to look a lot more normal.


This one also glows in the dark.  I’m not sure whether this sort of binding process is going to be a favourite, but it was an interesting experiment.  It will go to an outdoor market in August, where I’ll have the opportunity to tell people all about it 😉