The Unicorn Bag

Judy wanted to make a special bag for a little girl who loves unicorns.  Fluorescent pink seemed like an appropriate unicorn colour.  Somehow the little bag ended up being a rather large version of what Judy had first imagined and the pink wool was stubbornly refusing to felt well.  So the white wool  used for the lining was also used to meld it all together.  With the additional pounding, rolling and kneading the pink wool decided to felt too, giving the bag an interesting texture.

Then the debate about the handles.  Thick white cord was an option but Judy had an idea for unicorn tails.

Here is the final result.  It is about 18 inches tall and 15 inches wide- great for carrying PJ’s to a sleep over or whatever use the girl finds for it.   I think she liked it!

image1 (8)

image2 (3)image1 (9)


Peace Valley Guest Ranch Collection

Carolyn and Judy have been painting the scenes from the Peace Valley Guest Ranch for several years now. It never fails to produce spectacular scenes for inspiration, so we’re really looking forward to the Retreat this July.  Here is a collection of paintings we’ve done:

Painting Expedition

Wind.  Rain.  Just really cold.  Welcome to painting in the great Alberta outdoors!  Still, it must be done.  This is really good for bulking up one’s artistic know how.  The thrill of painting in the elements is unmatched by any studio experience.  The paint and paper and water doing uncharacteristic things builds patience, technical skill, and the acceptance of mistakes…  sigh.  The practice is what makes it perfect.  This is our first plein air expedition of 2019.


Painting at a local pond along the highway and railway tracks, there isn’t much to choose from as far as subject matter goes.  The train was colourful and horizontal.  Judy managed to fit the historic NAR building in as well.  Actually, just now there is quite a dirt pile around the building, which is still under construction, so we have both made the dirt browns a little nicer than they are.  Both Carolyn’s and Judy’s sketches are done in pen, then painted with Cass watercolourcolours.


It always helps to have a critic.  Once the camera started coming out Pip took off for a walk around the pond.  Spying a muskrat, he jumped in the water up to his belly and enjoyed himself very much.

Peace Watercolour Society at the Palliative Care Gallery


The hospital in Spirit River has a great little gallery where local artists can show their work for three months and, in return, donate 25% of their sales to Palliative Care right here in the hospital.  Staff, patients and the general public enjoy the changing scenery.  As we take down each show, eager questions as to what will be up next are proudly met.  As we hang each show, passersby stop to take in the appeal of brand new art.

Judy is a long time member of the Palliative Care Committee and was the genius behind our hanging system.  She has been booking artists and hanging shows since the space was first set aside for a gallery.  Carolyn is good at helping to hang, label, and take down shows as well.

Until June, members of the Peace Watercolour Society, including Judy and Carolyn, will have their work hanging in the hallway gallery.  We hope our pieces brighten the days of all who pass.

Paint out at Bird’s Pond

Carolyn and Judy took advantage of a sunshiny day in September to paint outdoors at Bird’s Pond.  We expected the geese to be clamoring in the water, mustering the troops for the great migration south.  Instead, there was no wildlife to be seen.  All was quiet and still.  Then, from the far shore, we spotted these swans with their cygnets.  They came much closer after we had started our paintings with just one swan each.

DSCF5848birdsBird'sbutter and eggs