Spring Crossing

This watercolour was based on a couple of old photos of my Grandfather coming to the Peace Country.  That’s him in the red coat.  I’m not sure why the wagon wasn’t loaded.  They wouldn’t have arrived in the spring during the thaw; perhaps this was an expedition rather than a challenge on the settlement trail.  The second photo was of the horses pulling up on the near side of the river.  So they made it and continued on with whatever their business was.


The painting was done using Moonglow, except for the red coat. I like the monochrome but I also like the way Krieghoff used bright red so sparingly and so eye-catchingly.


Feature Wall

This is the centre wall at the gallery; also a feature wall because it is a handsome dark colour.  This is often the easiest section to hang.


Left to right is Splendour, Anemone, Moonglow, Beauty, and Spectacular. Looks like only paintings with one word titles make it to the feature wall 😉


Peace Valley Trail Ride


dscf9338We had such a lovely time at the Peace Valley Guest Ranch I was inspired to start a painting of the experience right away.  One of our party, a first time rider, was enthralled by the way we seemed to be so much closer to our environment from horseback.  In this image, I like the way the people and horses are tucked right into the hills (literally, on the path the horses have carved through the grasses and dirt) and are emerging from the trees and shadows.  If only you could feel the sun on your back and hear the sounds of hooves and saddles and wind through leaves when you look at this painting, my job as the artist would be fulfilled 🙂