Looking Back on the Frozen Times


Now that it’s warm it feels nice to look back at winter and see the beauty in the frozen earth.  Here’s a close up of some frost crystals growing under the dock at Moonshine Lake.


Miniature Birch

fullsizerender (28)

We’ve had a lot of hoar frost this winter and sometimes the same old scenes around the neighbourhood become quite stunning in their frozen finery.  Here is the weeping birch down the street with every fine tendril decorated in sparkling white.

Crisp Cattails

Crisp Cattails.jpg Judy’s bright frosty painting of cattails in the winter sunshine is full of warmth, the kind you can only appreciate on a crisp winter morning.  The sharp blades of frost crystals contrast with the softness of tightly packed fuzz.  Their presence tells of the stillness in the winter air.

Moonshine Frost

Moonshine Frost.jpg

We’ve had our first big snowfall here in the Peace Country.  It was a big pile of the white stuff and it was beautiful, even for those who shovelled, sanded, scooped, sculpted and shivered.  Certainly the artists take notice when the environment is suddenly changed in colour, shape and texture.  It puts us in the mood to paint.

There has been no hoarfrost yet, but there is some sparkling in Judy’s painting, Moonshine Frost.  The deep, moody blue of the sky indicates snow either coming or going.