The White Fence

Broad sunshine created an eye-catching display of deep blue shadows on this historic fence.


Photoshop (actually old school Paint Shop Pro) made it a bit more interesting…




Rail Fence Remnant

The remains of an old railway snow fence still exist just out of town, standing forlorn and picturesque on a winter morning.  It is the end of winter, the bright side and the hopeful part of the season.  The fence is frosty on the shady face but warm where it greets the sun.

Judy painted this delicate, simple scene that is so familiar to anyone who knows Spirit River.


Sentinels in the Snow

steadfast sentinalsIf you have been to rural Ontario, this particular style of fence will be familiar to you.  Evelyn saw this fence each time she visited family in Bradford.  The sentinel trees were sometimes bare and cold, sometimes laden with leaves, but always standing guard over the open land below.  Bradford has changed a lot with the march of time and progress.  Evelyn’s painting is now a glimpse of history.

Snow Sketch

DSCF5397This is a little painting I did with one intent: simplicity.  To be sure I had to stick to that, I painted the fence posts, the darkest values, first.  Then everything else had to be painted to enhance the posts.  I think it was easier to adjust values and keep everything loose and stark in the larger areas with those posts to bounce everything off, except that there was only once chance to get everything right!  There isn’t much in the background – unlike my usual “style”, there is more design here than realism.