Drawing Practice

I came across one of my earliest portraits. Aiee!  Good thing I drew the same man twice. It is a good reminder that practice really does do wonders.


Mixed Media Marbles!

Our first adult art class really got rolling Thursday night.  Check out these amazing marbles our students created.  They are mixed media: starting with toned pastel papers, we added colours, shades and light with conte pencils, marker, graphite, charcoal, oil pastels and pencil crayons.  Most of these are made up marbles.  A big part of the lesson was the illusion of art: using light and shadow to create three dimensions and translucent, glossy textures without getting caught up in exactly duplicating a tricky subject.  I’d say it worked rather well 🙂dscf9906dscf9905dscf9904dscf9903