Book Binding Loom

Dad made me a book loom for Christmas!  I can make any size book, so long as it’s miniature.  The first one to hit the ropes was a Dragons, because that was what I had cut and ready for binding.


The loom is made of mahogany with adjustable pine pegs.


My first attempt is not elaborate, but it worked well. A bigger book offers more interesting opportunities for binding.  I enjoy figuring all this out by trial and error!


The finished Dragons. Pink leather is difficult to find. This piece, a strip just wide enough for the under two inch Dragons cover, was once part of a small purse.


Dragon Guts

I haven’t made a book for a while so when I started one I made sure it was more difficult than usual.  It’s another Dragons book, but this one has the binding becoming part of the sculpturing around the eye on the cover.  It’s an undignified thing to do do a dragon, but I’m going to expose this one’s “guts” so you can see what’s going on.  It looks like something Dr. Frankenstein or Honore Fragonard might be working on.


Once the skin is on, of course, things start to look a lot more normal.


This one also glows in the dark.  I’m not sure whether this sort of binding process is going to be a favourite, but it was an interesting experiment.  It will go to an outdoor market in August, where I’ll have the opportunity to tell people all about it 😉


DSCF9005  People are crazy about dragons, and who wouldn’t be drawn to a book that looks back at them?  The Dragons miniature book is a best seller and, for once, people are judging the books by their covers.  The inside content is the same in each, but every cover is a unique handcrafted creation.


Deerskin and an olive eye, bookmarked with bronze chain with a horn ball.


Ostrich skin (very dragonish) with a glowing green eye and a tear drop bookmark.


A mystical eye peers out from the red pigskin. This one has an Austrian crystal dangler.


Eel skin, recycled from a wallet. It’s far easier to do fine detailing on eel skin.


The blue ones are all lambskin taken from a bomber jacket – a fabulous find in a junk shop! This one has an iridescent eye and a pearl drop.


An old-style doll’s eye with the spokes. This one has lots of ribs on the spine.


This one has an eye made with watercolours and pens, like the pig skin one. It’s difficult to photograph it and show the depth and variation of colour… just like a gem.


Rhinestone studs 🙂


Soft black leather; so soft the sculpting underneath didn’t show well so I added some detailing on top. The eye is a Suncatcher craft eye.


Gold detailing helps the skin pattern (wrinkles!) show up better.