Happy Sunday



Dancing in the Breeze

DSCF7320This could be anywhere in Canada – Evelyn has seen much of the country.  When you see the wild daisies gleaming beside that deep blue water, do you feel the summer air?  I imagine this as the lake near home.  Just lift your eyes from the painting and there is a dock to the left where people are fishing, a canoe in the open water straight ahead.  Children’s voices are muted by the wind and water and the sun is shining for the day.

What do you see when you pause to really think about a painting?  Everyone must approach art differently based on experience and memory.  You make each image your own because you write the story to go with it.

Alpine Daisies

This painting didn’t go exactly as planned but then there is nothing new about that.  Part of watercolour painting is taking what you get and working with it.   I wanted the daisies to show up in contrast with the dark mountains and be sort of lost in the sunshine across the meadow.  Well, the dark daisies against the mountains looked too high which reads “humungous”  in a painting and the daisies across the meadow disappear a little too much for my liking.  I cut about two inches off the bottom to make the perspective look better which coincidentally made the painting fit the frame I had so that worked out OK.  There still should be more contrast between the daisies and the sun washed meadow.  But there are parts like the texture on the mountains and the formations in the rock that I really like.