Finally Back in the River!

Our river is named the Spirit River because it dries up and disappears in the summer.  But for now, it is beautiful.  Just enough clear water to wade in, a nice cold flow to keep off the scum, and a sandy bottom that is inviting for bare feet.  The dogs can hardly stand how exciting it is!

There are fresh rocks swept down each spring; rocks and bones and the odd homestead artifact.  Fossilized shells are fairly common, as are bison teeth.  This time I saw a few modern jaw bones, a young coyote and a deer.  I also picked up this small rodent jaw with long, folded molars.  A baby beaver?


This one, a much bigger tooth, is farther along in the fossilization process.  It has a lovely bluish hue and nice wear on the labyrinthine chewing surface.  DSCF5921 DSCF5913