Classy Roses

Here are our acrylic paintings, a mix of student work and demos.  Well done, everyone!

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I finally got around to drawing this portrait on top of the inky background I had tried out on canvas. Done in Elegant Writer, it has a dreamy, soft effect. It’s kind of a monochrome since I used the same pen throughout, but the ink separates into several colours so I’m not sure it qualifies. Working on canvas was an all new experience. When the ink was wet it was a bright red colour that didn’t look like it would blend at all but gradually softened and blue-ened. It was quite a trick to get the water levels right too. Too much water scared away the ink and it really didn’t want to come back. It’s such a pleasure to work with Elegant Writers that the result doesn’t matter too much, but I am quite pleased with this dreamy horse portrait. It also matches my walls perfectly. It might have a permanent home already. Maybe I’ll do a series and make a wall installation. A collection of almost monochrome tiles would look great, but then again it would take up valuable bookshelf space.