Almost Finished

One winter morning an orange hue was cast over the whole view.  It was particularly striking in combination with the boxcars lined up just outside town. The colours and perspective held great promise for a painting. A few years later, here’s the result, almost finished.



Images From Canada Day

We spent two lovely days at Fort Dunvegan Historical Site on the Peace River, Alberta.  We roasted bannock, toured historic buildings, listened to the Grande Prairie and District Pipes and Drums, played old fashioned carnival games and had rides on horse drawn carts.  Happy (belated) Canada Day!

Birds in Boots

We haven’t identified these unusual strangers who seemed to blow in with the blizzard this Easter Weekend.  Anyone out there in the know?

They look like they are wearing black snow boots.  They should be!  Unfortunately they also have spring fever and find themselves tails up in the snow after flying too fast.DSCF0061.jpg

Update: They are dark-eyed juncos!

Rail Fence Remnant

The remains of an old railway snow fence still exist just out of town, standing forlorn and picturesque on a winter morning.  It is the end of winter, the bright side and the hopeful part of the season.  The fence is frosty on the shady face but warm where it greets the sun.

Judy painted this delicate, simple scene that is so familiar to anyone who knows Spirit River.


My Final Attempt

If you follow this blog you may have seen a few versions of this painting lately.  I’ve wanted to paint it for a while but I suppose I needed to plan it out fairly carefully rather than just jumping in as I usually do.  So I found I was putting it off for a long time.  Something just wasn’t happening in my mind.  I was losing interest in the whole idea.  Luckily, we needed a subject for painting at the Lodge.  I did a run through painting, hated it, but also lost it before we got to the Lodge.  I still don’t know what happened to that first one.  I did another as a demo for the ladies and they did their separate and unique versions, as seen here last week.  All the while I was receiving more information about how to go about painting the scene the way I wanted it to be.  At last I did a quick sketch and began painting.

From the finished product you may never have realized that I took a fat brush and flicked in wet paint to make the flowers.   There was no sketching there.  The trees also began as dripped paint, leaking down into the grass.  My way of keeping things loose is to use a lot of water so I have no choice in the matter.  However, I disliked the painting until I put in the nice neat house and smartened up the fence and flowers.  The light through the flower bed was completely unplanned, but luckily I had the sense to notice it and preserve it.  This does  not always happen.

I’m not great with flowers, but these somehow turned out well.  I think you might even identify them as sweet peas.  I didn’t draw them; that would have put me off the whole project before I even wet my paints.

I’ve ended up being most pleased with this painting because I struggled with it for so long, and hated my initial results.  I knew I wasn’t doing a good job, but I couldn’t figure out why.  Somehow, the process of creation smoothed out the troubles and something positive came out. That’s what art is for 🙂