Backyard Beauty

Backyard Beauty.jpg

Judy’s painting Backyard Beauty was painted after our second load of snow in October.  Now, mid-November, we have a few more feet of snow on the rooftops and the sky shows less chance of clearing.  The beauty is undeniable, however much one has to shovel.


Flying Low

Flying Low.jpg

One of the best parts of being an artist is having the ability to revisit a moment or a day or a place in your mind’s eye and bring it to life for yourself and others.  In Flying Low, Judy has captured the warmth of a season when the coolness of the water is inviting.  The freedom of the gull catching a glimpse of a fish mimics the idea of the artist catching the glint of sunshine on the wings and feet of the bird while, in this case, floating in a kayak.

Long Tall Trees

Judy took a trip to Southern Ontario in October, just in time to catch the splendid display of fall colours.  Inspired for a painting, she did change the oak trees to more local poplars, but the result is all about the glorious colours.  This painting is very large and very long, and it would warm up any room in any season with a glint of fall.

Long Tall Trees.jpg

Moonshine Beauty

Moonshine Beauty.jpg

Our local lake is Moonshine, a fairly small lake with lots of bird life, beaver, otters and all sorts of wildlife in the woods, including campers, fishers and boaters.  Often though, all one sees is the calm, quiet beauty of the lake.  An evening with a sunset sky reflecting in the water is always lovely.  Judy’s painting, Moonshine Beauty, captures one of these peaceful moments.

The White Homestead

The White Homestead.jpg

Ok, have some snow.  Looks like it’s here to stay so I give in.  Here is Judy’s painting, The White Homestead.  The White family lived there for many years, maybe many generations.  We often photographed the barn and fences from the road because the jumbled pile of sheds and posts with their snowy tops and varied colours are ever changing and interesting to the eye.