Little Angel

The little gold cherub compliments the bright leather.  Only angelic thoughts here!  I do have thoughts about the focus in this picture, but I’m not going to write them down.



A Project Off the Table

Sometimes there’s a project that just doesn’t inspire you to finish.  Somehow nothing seems right for the finishing touches.  This notebook, covered with soft deer hide, sat on the shelf for about a month, waiting for an idea that fit.  Finally, I had a breakthrough and used this picture from some gorgeous wrapping paper to make this book more impressive.  The paper is from the Canadian Wildlife Federation.  There is no artist named, otherwise I’d be pleased to tell you who painted this.

image image image

Ammonite Notebook


My newest book, incorporating a resin and ammonite chip cabochon.


It is less than 6×8 centimetres in size.


I sculpted the ammonite shape with paper and leather. It was a bit of a puzzle to get it all together with the added challenge of glue.


The leather is those black pants again! I don’t think they were ever worn so it is nice to think they are enjoying a successful afterlife 🙂


Deerskin Note Books

It has been a while since there have been any miniature books posted here.  It has been a while since I’ve had a chance to make any!  These are from the fall, when there were no art classes and no roofs needing roofing.  Both are a bit bigger than what I usually make – these are miniatures rather than micro minis.  They’ll still fit in the palm of your hand, but only one at a time.

They are cut from the same hide, very soft and malleable deer hide.  They have the usual sewn binding and silk embroidery floss headbanding.  The magnetic clasps click together with a satisfying snap and there are many pages so it will last a while.

The first one has an original watercolour scene of St. Charles’ Mission down at Dunvegan and the second has a marker drawing of a fall tree.  DSCF0002 DSCF0006