Images From Canada Day

We spent two lovely days at Fort Dunvegan Historical Site on the Peace River, Alberta.  We roasted bannock, toured historic buildings, listened to the Grande Prairie and District Pipes and Drums, played old fashioned carnival games and had rides on horse drawn carts.  Happy (belated) Canada Day!


The Highland Games

We finally made it to the Highland Games in Grande Prairie!  We saw Highland Flings and flung haggis, cabers tossed and pipers skirling.  We ate haggis (on a bun, with ketchup??), tasted caramels (please leave a comment and tell us how you pronounce that – two syllables or three?) and bought shortbread.  Also, we had a private shuttle service coming and going because everyone else seemed to have opted for snarly parking space on site 🙂

I’m not usually a fan of altered photography of any sort, but there is something about the black and white and red thing, if used sparingly and appropriately.


Never ever get in the way of a pipe band on the march! Even if you are wearing a cute little kilt with your rubber boots.


The piper on the right was enjoying the music so much it was a pleasure to watch. Also a pleasure to hear!


This one is from the Spirit River June Jamboree. It’s here because it’s black and white and red too.