Last Lodge Cards of the Year


Merry Christmas everyone!


Not Quite on the Drawing Board

Dozens of practice versions have not quite led to what I would like to put into a large painting.  I saw a magpie sitting amid berries like these, with a sprig of them in its beak.  The strong reds and greens contrasted so crisply with the soft winter hues of the snow and the black and white of the bird that the scene stuck in my mind instantly.  I’ve even dreamed the composition, turning the magpie’s head to compliment the arc of the branches…  Some day this one is going to come out on paper and it will be very interesting to see how it has evolved from the original idea!


Painting Cards by the Dozen

The Pleasant View Painters have been at it again: painting beautiful cards to send to grandchildren and other special people.  They always amaze us with their ability to follow our instructions – even when the ideas seem pretty wild – and to come up with beautiful work each week.  They smile and laugh and we enjoy the hours very much.

Lighthouse Scene


Our adult class had a chance to play around with the water soluble pencils and find out how they work before jumping right in to working out a lighthouse scene.  This one has a lot of technique involved: drawing a lighthouse and shading it; a wet in wet sky; “growing” trees; dry brush rocks; rolling in some crashing waves.  It was a major lesson in water media and was handled very well by all.