Christmas Scenes at the Lodge

FullSizeRender (22).jpg

One of our Pleasant View Painters had a Christmas card she wanted to take a crack at.  Just a snowy field and some trees… but also hoar frost and a bird in the foreground!  We had a great time with the bird characters and and ended up with some lovely scenes.  We love our weekly laughs and watercolour with the artists at Pleasant View!


Creek at Miette Hot Springs

Judy’s card for the Peace Watercolour Society’s Christmas exchange was inspired by her recent getaway to Miette Hot Springs between Hinton and Jasper, Alberta.  It was good timing: they were at the springs when this snow came and didn’t have to drive through it.  It was a real winter wonderland!



Snow Caps

I was taken by this image on the day of our first snow here in Northern Alberta: the bright colours of summer flowers each given a tall hat of snow, or a snow cap!  The vivid colours of one season contrasting with the fresh softness of the next called out to be made into a painting. I know this is candy coloured, and it even sparkles thanks to Daniel Smith’s Amethyst, but I like the happy greeting for winter:)