Christmas Scenes at the Lodge

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One of our Pleasant View Painters had a Christmas card she wanted to take a crack at.  Just a snowy field and some trees… but also hoar frost and a bird in the foreground!  We had a great time with the bird characters and and ended up with some lovely scenes.  We love our weekly laughs and watercolour with the artists at Pleasant View!


Parliament Has Been and Gone

We painted (poured) watercolour owls with the adult classes.  The result was a complete parliament of owls!  The class got great results but we forgot to get a picture.  Meanwhile, with trial runs and demos Carolyn had four owls and Judy had two.  We have a portion of a parliament!

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Creek at Miette Hot Springs

Judy’s card for the Peace Watercolour Society’s Christmas exchange was inspired by her recent getaway to Miette Hot Springs between Hinton and Jasper, Alberta.  It was good timing: they were at the springs when this snow came and didn’t have to drive through it.  It was a real winter wonderland!



Hollyhocks at the Lodge

Negative painting can be a tricky technique to approach in watercolour, but we tried it with our gang from the lodge and got some great results.  White hollyhocks were the perfect flower to start with.  There were a lot of jokes about fried eggs before we put the backgrounds in, but each painting ended up looking like bright fresh flowers.

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The Dinosaur Class Tries Brusho

Our most recent younger kids class was a riot of colour and stories as we used our sketched dinosaurs to make brusho paintings.  Of course volcanoes and fireballs were a main theme!  They loved this introduction to watercolour: spraying water, sprinkling paint and watching it turn into fizzling fireworks, then pouring right off the page.  The kids could easily imagine all sorts of things happening in their painting, like prehistoric trees.  They traced a miniaturized version of their work onto a suitable spot for a dinosaur to be (mostly running away from the lava) and used Inktense watercolour pencils to add colour and shadows.  We ended the class with time for each artist to tell us about their work.  Wow, such creative kids!


Christmas Card Exchange

Painting a Christmas card is usually a matter of having a specific person in mind, and probably a non-artist.  People expect that a card should be less work than a full blown painting, right?  Well, doing a card exchange with your watercolour group is a slightly different matter!

The Peace Watercolour Society has a 43 year tradition of Christmas card exchange.  Each member brings a card to the Christmas party, wrapped or in an envelope, and puts it in a basket to be chosen by another lucky member.  It’s supposed to be a relatively blind draw, but of course with only six members, two of them being mother-daughter Judy and Carolyn, things are a little trickier to manage in secret.  It’s a lot of fun, and of course we each receive a superb watercolour painting!  Here’s Carolyn’s for 2018.  Stay tuned for Judy’s.

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