Water Web in Blue

FullSizeRender (72).jpg

Carolyn is going dotty again!  This was one of those careful, tedious paintings that was created with micro pencil strokes, minute blobs of masking fluid and a tiny brush.  Of course all that work pays off in the end! I like the runny, wet in wet effect in the back to show the rain versus the tight, crystal clear droplets.  That’s a strange phenomenon: that individually perfect orbs become something that obscures light and clarity when they mass as rain.  I like the way the background runs upward, counter intuitively, to compliment the reflections that turn the world upside down.


Grade Four Draws People

When Grade Fours sat down, they were asked to draw the best person they could draw – whatever that meant to them.  In less than five minutes, here is what they came up with:IMG_1492.JPG

Then, the artists were asked to observe a real person in a photo and to draw the person, perfectly in proportion and with foreshortening where appropriate.  They had more like 45 minutes to do that.


Of course, these nine and ten year-olds didn’t just go from cartoons to realism just like that.  There was a lot of instruction, and a lot of work!  Each artist was quite amazed to see how their drawing improved.

Banners 2019

This is our tenth year with the Banners Program in Fairview, Alberta.  For 20 years or more, every grade three student in Fairview has painted a banner to be hung on a streetlamp in town.  There is always a theme: something to do with how great the Community of Fairview is.  This year, at last, we celebrated The Arts in Fairview. Check out the these images of the process behind the vibrant banners for this season, going up soon.