The After-Class Look

With four drawing classes in one week and piles of students, Judy and Carolyn can amass quite a lot of drawings!  Once the students have gone on Thursday night, this is how the work area looks.  It’s great to see all those art supplies used for creating art and a feeling of having produced something creative.  We usually leave it like this for the weekend, just in case someone wants to come back down to make art!IMG_1070.JPG


Art Class with 11 Boys… and One Girl

What to draw with a class of boys…  dinosaurs, of course!  Here is our deinonychus, sketched and shaded.  The students traced their drawing and had a go at watercolour pencils as well.  These kids are 5 to 9 years old.  We think they are excellent artists!DSCF4221.jpg

Still Out Here

Hello Everyone,

Just checking in to say we are still here!  We’ve had some busy days with local craft sales and the Mystery Lottery at the Dawson Creek Gallery, and now we look into the near future with Members’ Christmas shows in three galleries.  So we are busy making art, but the art isn’t quite making it to the blog…

The Mystery Lottery was great fun.  Those who had tickets to draw names had a lot of fun guessing which painting they might get based on the clever poetry printed on each mystery package.  Art that was left after all the tickets had been drawn was auctioned in a silent auction, again hidden in brown paper with a clue-poem for each one.  It was tastefully done: it can be very awkward for artists and bidders to see work go for far less than it is worth, especially at a fundraiser.  But in Dawson Creek there was an art community spirit infused into the evening, as well as some fantastic artwork from local artists.

As for our own work, Judy finished quite a few crochet or fibre arts projects in time for the big craft sale.  Unfortunately we didn’t get pictures of most of the hats before she sold them.  Carolyn made a few books for the sale, and got a great idea for a new one for 2018.  You’ll see it here soon.

We had a great evening at a private group art class painting poured northern lights.  The ladies should be proud of what they did!  We were very impressed.

Our home art classes start next week.  We have exciting projects for kids and adults coming up.  It is fun to work with all age groups and see the different perspectives on art.  We are always happy to see that kids are interested in creating things, although often it is more remarkable to find adults who are brave enough to show their work in a group setting.  We learn something from each person and look forward to seeing everyone.

Happy creating, fellow artists!


Hello Again

Hi everyone out there,

Just letting you know we’re still here!  It was a busy summer.  Carolyn got married (to JK) and Judy made the dress and the cake so we were all very occupied.  Since then, Judy and Carolyn have been getting ready for their two-woman show in Dawson Creek, opening October 5th.  On the side, JK has his work in the school gallery and Evelyn’s in the hospital art gallery where a portion of sales goes to Palliative Care.  That comes to a lot of framing, advertising, painting and packing.  We hope to be back to regular blogging soon!

See you around,

Carolyn and Judy


Mixed Media Marbles!

Our first adult art class really got rolling Thursday night.  Check out these amazing marbles our students created.  They are mixed media: starting with toned pastel papers, we added colours, shades and light with conte pencils, marker, graphite, charcoal, oil pastels and pencil crayons.  Most of these are made up marbles.  A big part of the lesson was the illusion of art: using light and shadow to create three dimensions and translucent, glossy textures without getting caught up in exactly duplicating a tricky subject.  I’d say it worked rather well 🙂dscf9906dscf9905dscf9904dscf9903

Berliner Dom

J.K. wanted to know how to paint one of his travel photos.  The easiest explanation seemed to be a demonstration.  I got carried away with it though, talking and painting and finishing in about 10 minutes!  I meant to show him how to be loose and inexact but I ended up throwing all kinds of techniques at him.  This might be the only painting of Berliner Dom we two come up with 😉