Hello Again

Hi everyone out there,

Just letting you know we’re still here!  It was a busy summer.  Carolyn got married (to JK) and Judy made the dress and the cake so we were all very occupied.  Since then, Judy and Carolyn have been getting ready for their two-woman show in Dawson Creek, opening October 5th.  On the side, JK has his work in the school gallery and Evelyn’s in the hospital art gallery where a portion of sales goes to Palliative Care.  That comes to a lot of framing, advertising, painting and packing.  We hope to be back to regular blogging soon!

See you around,

Carolyn and Judy



Mixed Media Marbles!

Our first adult art class really got rolling Thursday night.  Check out these amazing marbles our students created.  They are mixed media: starting with toned pastel papers, we added colours, shades and light with conte pencils, marker, graphite, charcoal, oil pastels and pencil crayons.  Most of these are made up marbles.  A big part of the lesson was the illusion of art: using light and shadow to create three dimensions and translucent, glossy textures without getting caught up in exactly duplicating a tricky subject.  I’d say it worked rather well 🙂dscf9906dscf9905dscf9904dscf9903

Berliner Dom

J.K. wanted to know how to paint one of his travel photos.  The easiest explanation seemed to be a demonstration.  I got carried away with it though, talking and painting and finishing in about 10 minutes!  I meant to show him how to be loose and inexact but I ended up throwing all kinds of techniques at him.  This might be the only painting of Berliner Dom we two come up with 😉


Fancy Felting

Judy’s newest scarf.  I’m going to call it Jubilation.  It’s a riot of colour and texture and lines going every which way: quite a visual treat.  It’s a cobweb scarf made of merino wool and silk, making it extremely light and warm.  The cross threads were hand spun first, then felted into the roving.  It feels lovely against the skin.