Snow Shadows


The crazy shadows of spring afternoons!


Miniature Flower Pot


This one is a little difficult to figure out.  The flower pot is on a ledge inside a screened in porch.  In the background there is a juniper bush and some leafy stuff in a rock garden against the garage.  The light was the part that caught my eye but, again, I never like my flower paintings as much as I would like to.

Miniature River

fullsizerender (24)

JK and Carolyn took a walk through deep snow and tangled undergrowth to see how the river was looking this winter.  We came to a steep, sandy cliff far above the river bed and could look across quite a broad area of pure white snow and deep blue shadows.  The painting doesn’t show JK chucking logs off the cliff, checking to see if he’d be any good at caber tossing.