The White Fence

Broad sunshine created an eye-catching display of deep blue shadows on this historic fence.


Photoshop (actually old school Paint Shop Pro) made it a bit more interesting…




Sunflowers and Onions


A friend brought us a bouquet back in August, along with a bag of delightful edibles from her garden.  The Mason jar, sunflowers and onion blossoms were set in the sun room for company.  In came the sun through the glass door and lit them up in summer glory.  I took several pictures, then used my artists’ license to change the black granite counter top and remove window and door frames.  I did like the glass door behind, but it is just a 5 x 7 painting 😉

Homestead on the Creeks


This is a scene from a snowshoe expedition a few years ago.  Sometimes a place or a view will just stick in your head, turning up once in a while like debris caught in the slow roll of a glacier.  At last it surfaces for good 🙂

The little house is still there, perched in the brush above the river.  It is still red, though not as bright as it once was.  Some sunny day in winter I might visit once again.