Cozy Tea Party

Something about tea in crystal is exquisite.  Carolyn took many pictures in the middle of a dessert party.  But just look how pretty it is!DSCF4486DSCF4493DSCF4479DSCF4485DSCF4495DSCF4478


Spring Thaw

Spring has sprung early in the Peace Country, although we expect a little snow before its time to plant anything!  The thaw always brings something interesting.  A small creek loaded with ice and snow melted from the bottom as the water began to erode the ice.  Below is a tree trunk with layers of ice beginning to drip.


Here’s the bigger picture.  You can see how the layers dangle quite high.  The actual creek bottom is about four feet below.


Winter Whiteout

On days when snow is pouring down it silence of the world and the enormity of open territory are quite effective.  It is an artists’ paradise, well, at least for a photographer.  Even the hardiest of watercolourists can’t keep their washes from freezing on a day like this one.  Sometimes the camera can say it all anyway.  This barn exists in the open land near Spirit River, Alberta, and has withstood many storms like this one.