Scenes from the Winter



Winter Whiteout

On days when snow is pouring down it silence of the world and the enormity of open territory are quite effective.  It is an artists’ paradise, well, at least for a photographer.  Even the hardiest of watercolourists can’t keep their washes from freezing on a day like this one.  Sometimes the camera can say it all anyway.  This barn exists in the open land near Spirit River, Alberta, and has withstood many storms like this one.

A Sunset Drive

Actually, it began as an afternoon walk with Yorkie and Beagle, and then the sun began to set because it was 4 p.m. in Northern Alberta.  As we drove down the road we had just walked on, the low light made rainbow sun dogs out in the field.  The deepening of the colours was the fading of the day’s last warmth.


And the sun is down within ten minutes. No more sun dogs, no more walking dogs.  Time to see about supper!

Carolyn’s Painted Gift

Carolyn painted a couple of gifts for people this Christmas, including this one for a hang gliding adventurer and photographer (her brother).  The painting is taken from a photograph by Robb Brown.  Carolyn adjusted it a little to show more of the Rocky Mountains, and the sky is a little rainier than the one in the photo.