A Commission with a Spin

Peace Span.jpg

Carolyn had the pleasure of being commissioned to paint a watercolour of this familiar local scene (the Dunvegan Bridge over the Peace River) to be presented to a famous Canadian.  The new owners brought great joy and excitement to our Peace Country, and hopefully some of that feeling went back with them in this painting.


Miniature Sunset


Judy tackled the fiery skies and rosy atmosphere of a winter sunset over the Peace Country, Canada in this watercolour miniature.  Its tiny dimensions are full of wonderful light and colour, just as we see it here in Northern Canada.  Winter is very beautiful and ever changing here.

Miniature Morning


Judy’s miniature scene captures the intensity of a winter sunrise over the Peace Country.  The colours are always spectacular.  I see there is a hair in the middle of the shot.  That just shows how small these paintings are.  I also see a tiny cabin on the far left side, in the trees.  It is amazing how much detail can be suggested in a miniature painting.

Mixed-Media Mountain


This painting was begun ages ago when Judy was trying out some texturing goop (can’t remember the actual name of the stuff).  Then she whipped up this bright mountain scene a few days ago using watercolours.  The combination is lovely: the goop makes texture similar to a palette knife acrylic painting but it has the lightness of watercolour.  Also, the whiter-than-paper goop enhances the feeling of cold, pristine snow.