Kayaking the Sunset


This is the sunset over George Lake, or perhaps Lake George, near Hines Creek Alberta.  We had a great time playing in the waves before they settled down for the evening.  See the pinks in the sky?  They are the pale, odd sign of smoke in the air from B.C. fires.


The Wandering Flock


Judy and one of her old friends and students are sharing a joke.  It started with this: what do you call a sheep with no legs?  A cloud.  Somehow it all resulted in this painting of fluffy, floating sheep-like clouds… or are they cloud-like sheep?

A Smoky Difference

When I posted a painted view from the window a couple of weeks ago, the air was clear and the crops were glowing.  Then the wind came up and the smoke from a northern B.C. fire swept in to town and the colour has faded to a dismal smoky grey.  The day after the photo was taken, things got worse and the scene was no longer visible. This farm is about 6 kilometres away, in the valley where the smoke particles are thickest. The fire is several hundred kilometres away so there is no actual danger except what the air quality has to offer.

Thinking up a Subject

Sometimes, especially with a show coming up, it is difficult to think what to paint!  What do people want to see?  What makes them stop and look?  Well, I still don’t know but I liked JK’s suggestion for me: Dunvegan Bridge at night with northern lights.  An inspiring subject doesn’t take long to complete 😃


Wildlife on Figure Eight Lake

We thought maybe such a well-used lake as Figure Eight might not have much visible wildlife, but long evenings, clear water, and no motors are an attraction to all quiet species.  Here is a pelican, a loon and a beaver, minding their own business.