Creek at Miette Hot Springs

Judy’s card for the Peace Watercolour Society’s Christmas exchange was inspired by her recent getaway to Miette Hot Springs between Hinton and Jasper, Alberta.  It was good timing: they were at the springs when this snow came and didn’t have to drive through it.  It was a real winter wonderland!




Hollyhocks at the Lodge

Negative painting can be a tricky technique to approach in watercolour, but we tried it with our gang from the lodge and got some great results.  White hollyhocks were the perfect flower to start with.  There were a lot of jokes about fried eggs before we put the backgrounds in, but each painting ended up looking like bright fresh flowers.

FullSizeRender (15).jpgFullSizeRender (17).jpgIMG_1080 (1).jpg

Snow Caps

I was taken by this image on the day of our first snow here in Northern Alberta: the bright colours of summer flowers each given a tall hat of snow, or a snow cap!  The vivid colours of one season contrasting with the fresh softness of the next called out to be made into a painting. I know this is candy coloured, and it even sparkles thanks to Daniel Smith’s Amethyst, but I like the happy greeting for winter:)



Judy’s Jasper Collection

Our art retreat with Watercolour in Jasper was a wonderful watercolour experience, and one that brought some great results.  Here are some of Judy’s en plein air paintings from the locations we visited:

Judy’s Jasper Retreat

Our Jasper Watercolour Retreat with Watercolour in Jasper was a real treat!  We very much enjoyed the mountains, the painting and the people!  It will be an experience to remember forever, and the best souvenirs are those we made ourselves.  Here are some of Judy’s en plein air paintings from Horseshoe Lake:

Horse Shoe Lake.jpgrename (1).jpg

Jasper Retreat Results

Our retreat with Watercolour in Jasper was great fun and hard work.  We painted and thought about painting and talked about painting for more than average work day hours every day.  Analyzing landscape shapes and colour, organizing important and unimportant features and figuring out an approach to reproducing what we saw was intense.  Each day brought new challenges, but each day we were armed with the experience of the day before.  It was a rewarding experience, and one that brought decent results!  Check out some of Carolyn’s finished pieces below: