Miniature River


This is a chilly view up the Peace River at Dunvegan, Alberta.  It isn’t really sunset; winter light just doesn’t last long, nor does the sun make it above the hills on the shortest days.


Miniature Shadows


We get such wonderful strong, dark shadows on a sunny winter day when the snow is fresh and clean.  Anywhere there is a bush or even a blade of grass above the bed of white, a blue shadow will trail off away from the low winter sun, draping over bumps and contours.

Miniature Lake


This mini is based on a painting I did on our Artist Retreat.  The original shows Maligne Lake with the mountains done carefully for accuracy, but since this was so tiny I felt I had more license to just doodle what I wanted with the shadows.  It isn’t the best picture, but I have a brilliant new lamp that makes for better pictures in future!

Miniature Ocean

fullsizerender (34)

A break from winter!  Well, at least an Alberta winter.  Clearly this is not a local scene.  The colours were intriguing and they happened to be on the palette so they got used.  I’m working on a pale green glow but I don’t seem to be achieving it with the colours I have (although it is greener than this photo shows on my display).  Well, try again!

Miniature River

fullsizerender (24)

JK and Carolyn took a walk through deep snow and tangled undergrowth to see how the river was looking this winter.  We came to a steep, sandy cliff far above the river bed and could look across quite a broad area of pure white snow and deep blue shadows.  The painting doesn’t show JK chucking logs off the cliff, checking to see if he’d be any good at caber tossing.