White Velvet

White Velvet.jpg

Judy has painted another rose!  Oddly, she doesn’t really consider herself a painter of florals.  This one, being white, has hundreds of subtle and not so subtle colours in its petals.  She has captured the creamy, iridescent quality of the flower, creating a texture like velvet drapery.


Keeper of the Peace

Keeper of the Peace.jpg

Carolyn’s latest watercolour pour, Keeper of the Peace, is an image from a kayak trip down the Peace River this summer.  The colours weren’t quite so dreamy and soft – actually they were vibrant; hollering about the summer sunshine finally coming out – but there is a dreaminess to floating along in the narrow valley, watching the wildlife go about business so serenely.

Fall Gallery

The remains of several buildings in Blueberry Mountain, Alberta are partially hidden in a forest of swirling yellow leaves that gently decorating the undergrowth.  One green spruce was adorned with yellow baubles just like a Christmas tree.  The shadows and the wood grain of the weathered walls made an eccentric counterpart to the flurry of fall.