Counter Shadows


The ordinary water glass turned into an object of mysterious beauty… never underestimate the power of shadows and light!




The gift of a rose complimented by a wash of sunshine.  I wanted to make this a bright and sharp painting, right down to the deep shadows up the wall.  The composition was planned to be unusual to feature the balance of the solid rose and vase and the stretching lightness of the baby’s breath and shadows.  I’m quite pleased with this one because it was a challenge in many ways:  I had a definite vision; I’m not great with florals; I was changing composition; I was painting so many textures.  Also, I was on a deadline.  Of course.

The Old Man of Storr

The Old Man of Storr.jpg

Rainbows are everywhere on Skye!  Still, a rainbow appearing just beside The Old Man of Storr seemed exceptional to Carolyn and JK after a few days of rainbow spotting.  This is the view of the famous stones from the highway, and one of the clearest views we had of them. As our bus moved around the hills, the rainbow passed in front of the Old Man and then shifted to the left side.  Imagine the awesome beauty of those green hills, enormous stones, and the freshness of the rainbow light through the rain changing through 150 degrees of beauty.

Hill Walkers

Here is another scene from Scotland.  JK and Carolyn ventured through three days of walking the West Highland Way.  It was very rainy before, during and after those three days.  The scenery was spectacular and lush, and also reflected in the puddles on the trail.  Somehow the moving clouds and unexpected beams of light brought the landscape to life as muted tones shone brightly and shadows enhanced them… just for a moment before the strong colours retired into fog once more.  Hill Walkers.jpg

Morning Light



This painting was inspired by the sailing club in Glencoe, Scotland, but the scenery there looks remarkably similar to the lakes and hills in British Columbia.  Especially since I added those big, Rocky Mountain boulders on the shoreline.  They say you should write what you know, paint what you know… it’s not surprising a bit of familiar B.C. made it’s way into an image of a Scottish evening in Carolyn’s imagination.

Fall Campsite

Fall is arguably the prettiest season.  Maybe that’s because it changes so fast and its beauty is at the whim of the weather.  Judy captured a moment of summer sun and autumn shadows at a campsite in B.C.  The harbinger colours are emerging in the undergrowth and creating a magical spray of adornment for the weathered old poplars and birch.

fall Campsite.JPG