Last Day with Watercolour in Jasper

Hmm, this was a good day not to be painting outside!  Our time with Watercolour in Jasper and Tekarra Lodge was over just in time for us to enjoy the lovely mountain snowfall and head north again.



Watercolour in Jasper Home Base


Plein Air painting in the mountains in September requires a warm home base for those days when it’s just too cold to be outside.  It’s also a good place to meet and display finished paintings, or to finish paintings after the on site light has changed.  Watercolour in Jasper has studio space at Tekarra Lodge.

Here’s Judy and Carolyn’s set up.  The big windows were great, and we had lots of space on our individual tables.  If you’ve read the blog over the past week, you might recognize some of the places in our paintings: Horseshoe Lake, Jasper Lake, and the Icefield Pass.

Jasper Peaks

Day Three of our plein air painting with Watercolour in Jasper took us along the Icefield Parkway to the realm of mighty mountain peaks and wide open rivers.  We saw many peaks, this being a crisp, sunshiny day, and the morning shadows were incredible.  We appreciated taking a little tour before settling down to paint – once the temperature rose above 0 Celsius.  Others who did paint found that their washes could crystallize as they were laid down.

By the time we settled down at a sunny riverside spot, it was warm enough to paint wearing ski pants and several top layers.  By afternoon, we were down to t-shirts and jeans.  We even enjoyed watching an Australian tourist test the frigid water – without feeling too much empathy to stand!

We did paint several of the peaks.  There were no signs to give their names, though.  The only one I know above is Mount Fryatt in the top right corner.

Photos from Tekarra Lodge

Artists with Watercolour in Jasper stay at Tekarra Lodge just outside of the town of Jasper, Alberta.  It is a beautiful location for an artists’ base: there’s a restaurant, cabins, second floor studio, animals wandering around, but most of all a beautiful landscape just a few footsteps from each building.  Here is the Athabasca River, bathed in evening sunshine.

Wellington – First Pour

Time to be brave and dump paint all over my sketch in relatively random pools of pigment.  Aiee!  It’s all about building tone.  Being exact does not matter at this stage (I tell myself while holding my breath and mopping up excess puddles…).  It is nice to see all that masking fluid holding fast and standing out clearly.  I hope I got it in the all the places it was supposed to be.  Ugh, the blue is granulating!


Thinking up a Subject

Sometimes, especially with a show coming up, it is difficult to think what to paint!  What do people want to see?  What makes them stop and look?  Well, I still don’t know but I liked JK’s suggestion for me: Dunvegan Bridge at night with northern lights.  An inspiring subject doesn’t take long to complete 😃